Share your opinion

Share your opinion with your elected politicians by writing a letter, making a phone call or attending a public consultation.

Often it seems there is very little that regular citizens can do to impact government decisions effecting environmental, social and economic aspects of our lives. Do not lose hope, the general public actually has a lot more power than you might think. We are responsible for electing our government and consequently their political actions are affected by public opinion. A phone call, a single letter or full-on letter writing campaign directed to your elected officials can set the wheels of change in motion and sway decisions on important issues. We can indeed encourage change by making our informed opinions known loud and clear! The author of How to Save the World in your Spare Time, revels that “letters to politicians are more effective than emails, post cards or petitions”. So take a few minutes to voice your opinion to your elected officials.

As an extra incentive to take action, note that letters mailed to Parliament Hill in Ottawa do not require a postage stamp!

For letter writing tips, click here or here.

Take action on environmental and sustainability issues affecting Newfoundland and Labrador:

  • Check out some of our comments. Write your elected officials and let them know your opinion on issues.
  • Review public notices under Newfoundland and Labrador’s Environmental Assessment Process and voice your concerns to the Minister of the Environment.

Get in touch with your provincial Member of the House of Assembly (MHA):

Contact your federal Member of Parliament about environmental issues:

To find contact information for Members of Parliament (MP) click here.

Letters mailed to Parliament Hill in Ottawa do not require a postage stamp! Sharing your opinion is free!