West Coast Farmers’ Market

Please note that the West Coast Farmers’ Market is not currently operating. Click here for more details.

About the Market

The West Coast Farmers’ Market was established in 2009. It was held every Saturday during the months of July, August, September and October on Majestic Lawn in Corner Brook, NL. The market was organized by a project coordinator hired by the Western Environment Centre and its partners. In January 2011 a Farmers’ Market Working Group was formed to help the market grow. The Western Environment Centre announced in 2012 that the market would not open that year. The West Coast Farmers’ Market is currently on hiatus while the project is being re-evaluated.


The purpose of the Farmers Market was to increase awareness of local food availability, support local businesses, promote sustainable lifestyle alternatives and enhance the quality of community living within our city. Anyone could sell at the market – as long as they made it, baked it, or grew it!

Why visit Farmers’ Markets?

Buy fresh, local food and artisanal crafts;

Connect with local farmers and artisans;

Support local businesses and grow new ones;

Learn about the work of local community groups;

Enjoy local entertainment;

Celebrate community;

Why Eat Local?

Freshness, Taste and Nutrition – Local food is fresher!

Local Economy and Community – Local food, farming, and other small businesses are important economic generators for our communities.

The Environment – Reducing the distance your food travels decreases your environmental footprint.

Health and Food Safety – Food grown in Canada has to adhere to strict safety regulations; food from other places may not! Foreign producers sometimes have an unfair advantage because their costs of production are lower.

Farmland Preservation – If local farms are economically viable, that will preserve farmland and increase local food security.

Celebrate – Local food brings people together and enhances a sense of community!

Partners and Sponsors

City of Corner Brook

Model Forest of Newfoundland and Labrador